Word of Hashut #8 released

wohissue8.jpgIssue 8 of the Word of Hashut Chaos Dwarf fanzine has been posted. From their announcement: The Chaos Dwarfs at www.chaos-dwarfs.com are back at it once again. This time with Issue #8 of the ezine the Word of Hashut. Inside you will find a number of articles pertaining to the game of Warhammer and Chaos Dwarfs in particular. Some of the content • The origin of Big Hats • Graphic Novel- Shadow and Flame • The Arena of Death Part II • Making a Gladiatorial Fighting Pitt • Battle Report- Chaos Dwarfs vs. Dogs of War • Blood Bowl coverage • Mordeheim- Black Dwarfs Sorcerer 101 • Making Movement trays • Defeating the Dogs of War This and much more await the reader and its all free created by the crazy members of Chaos Dwarfs Online, the première site for Chaos Dwarfs