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woRdPlayinG RPG Coming to Kickstarter

woRdPlaying is a new RPG that's coming to Kickstarter soon. It's rules light and uses just two different-colored D6 as well as a deck of action cards to let you do whatever you want to do in the game. It's also genre-agnostic, so if you want to be playing cowboys in the Wild West, you can, or space cowboys in the Space West, you can, or if you want to play minotaurs (the original cowboys) in a fantasy setting, you can. The game is coming to Kickstarter soon, but you can sign up now for updates as well as a preview set of rules.

From the announcement:

By visiting and subscribing to the heaRdPlayinG roundup located in the footer of the website: + Get notified of the Kickstarter launch date + Get pre & post-launch updates + News and reviews + AND access to an early downloadable reward just for signing up! (before Kickstarter launch date) So sign up now! The Complete Rules on "How to Play" with the woRdPlayinG | Action Card Role-Playing System are available right now for FREE on the website! woRdPlayinG is a simple, easy to learn, fast paced, rules‑light, genre‑neutral, role‑playing game (RPG) system using two differently colored six-sided die, jam‑packed with at least 100 action cards and your imagination! Task resolution is simplified so that storytelling and speed of play is paramount. Make sure you stop by for an early bird look at this exciting new system! Much thanks in advance for your support!