WizKids/Games Workshop Announces Partnership

By Polar_Bear
In Board Games
Oct 19th, 2017

It was a pretty big announcement when Fantasy Flight Games and Games Workshop parted ways. At the time, it seemed as though it was going to be Games Workshop that was going to be making all of their board games. But we’ve just gotten a new announcement from WizKids that they are now partnered with Games Workshop and will be making new board games and products based on GW’s properties.

From the post:

WizKids, the leader in high-quality pre-painted miniatures and established board games, today revealed a multi-year partnership with acclaimed fantasy miniatures company, Games Workshop. The new partnership will extend the Warhammer 40,000 universe IP across multiple categories, including, Dice Building Games™, board games and more!

“We’re thrilled to be working with Games Workshop and the Warhammer 40,000 license,” said Justin Ziran, president of WizKids. “This beloved franchise is known the world over and our partnership will allow us to create amazing products and experiences for fans everywhere.”

The multi-year deal will span numerous categories and include the most iconic Warhammer 40,000 characters and more. WizKids will create two new board games, along with dice games based in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, with additional plans to republish classic board games Fury of Dracula and Relic.

WizKids will begin rolling out the new product lines in mid 2018.


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  • So Dice Masters W40k is on the way…

  • Davos Seaworth

    Oh goodie… Hitler & Stalin collaborating.

  • Grimjaw Jackjaw

    What’s better than overpriced miniatures? Blind boosters full of overpriced miniatures. I have no faith in Wizkids being able to produce a product that remotely rivals the quality achieved by FFG.

    • DB

      On the plus side, they’ll be able to do Death Marines/Nurgle prepaints pretty well, by painting the living hell out of any minis.

  • Daniel J. Zedan III

    Yeah Wizkids produces absolute crap

    • Ghool

      This might be true. But, they are still in business, and still selling droves of games.
      While I agree with you, I think it’s all a matter of taste. Now, if this will sell to current 40k players? Doubtful.

      I think the main purpose of this for GW is cross-market promotion.

      • You know, I’ve seen a lot of comments pretty much all over about this that people seem to insinuate that “Well, 40k is going to be done by WizKids now and it’s going to be pre-painted and on clicky-bases and everything!!” and… I mean, ok… WizKids makes HeroClix, sure. But the announcement specifically says “dice games” (which means basically 40k Dice Masters), and some board games, along with reprinting Fury of Dracula and Relic.

        Like, who really thinks that WizKids and GW partnering up means that 40k is going to be done solely by WK now?

        I mean, some people are obviously typing it as a joke, but I’ve seen waaaaaaaaay too many posts that seem like the person is seriously thinking we’re getting Hero40Klicks.

        • DB

          Yeah, they will be staying away from minis, more or less.

          If anything we’d get a Mage Knight-ish board game with a mini in it…or the rebirth of Inquisitor, using the giant minis, like their old Shadowrun, uh, attempt.

          That might not be bad, as long as they kinda scale down a bit. Those Shadowrun minis were ridiculous.

  • peat moss

    Sounds like another dumb and dumber er er er er movie

  • Paulo Ramos

    Poor Wizkids I regret