WizKids scores a Bullseye

By Polar_Bear
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Apr 7th, 2014

WizKids is showing off another mini from the upcoming Deadpool set for HeroClix with a look at Bullseye.


From the preview:

In today’s Marvel HeroClix: Deadpool preview, we bring you a sinister villain who once masqueraded as an Avenger! During Norman Osborn’s Dark Reign, this assassin and enforcer came into conflict with Deadpool and both were lucky to survive the experience! Of course, we could only be talking about Bullseye!

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  • 4tonmantis

    That looks pretty cool.. Do clix still look like they were painted by a blind kid from Indonesia?

    • No, not from Indonesia.

      • Soulfinger

        That’s an insult to blind kids! There is paint on the figures, but I’m not sure they could be called painted.

        • I did an experiment once – I wanted to know if the sculpt had actual details or if the paintjob was just a symptom – so I dunked the model in acetone free nailpolish remover. It melted the clix base, which could have been avoided by freezing the figure and popping off the base prior to dunking it. I now use Isopropyl alcohol for everything. With lots of elbow grease through the use of a toothbrush I removed a thick layer of what felt like that acrylic paint that is sold in buckets for weatherproofing your house. Low and behold I had a “Bones” figure in my hands before it was a thing.

          Long story short – if it weren’t for the paint they’d make pretty good minis. If it weren’t for the pvc medium they’d make excellent minis.
          If you don’t mind scale inconsistencies and some effort – clix figures are an affordable way of getting big IP minis without the NOT prefix.

          • Soulfinger

            Good to know. It actually makes a few of the Horrorclix figs sound more appealing were I ever to find some super cheap. So, does removing the thick layer of paint reveal a lot of detail? The figures I’ve seen were very smooth surfaced. They reminded me of this.

          • 4tonmantis

            There’s a guy in a youtube video that stripped down a Comissioner Gordon and repainted it using a similar wash technique.. The repaint looked pretty good.

  • grimbergen

    To 4ton’s OT: The paint job is certainly better than before, but still not great. The main thing is that they now don’t do any washes, so to me, that gives a much cleaner figure that is more pleasing to look at than other PPP’s with washes which may (a big if) have better detailing.

    The thing to look at are the eyes, and almost all of the modern clixes have decently painted eyes. Not like the old days when they would be so off base it looked like melting eggs – apologies, my poor attempt at humor is no match for SoulF.

    • Soulfinger

      Just use a lot of links and pop culture references.