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WizKids reviews Romulan Bird of Prey for Star Trek: Attack Wing

WizKids is showing off another preview for the 3rd Wave of Star Trek: Attack Wing. This one's the Romulan Bird of Prey.


From the preview:

This week we finish up our look into the Wave 3 expansions for Star Trek Attack Wing. The final ship is none other than the I.R.W. Gal Gath’thong Expansion Pack taken right from the original series episode, Balance Of Terror. Fittingly, the I.R.W. Gal Gath’thong will be a terror on the battlefield thanks to its ability to fire Plasma Torpedoes without needing a target lock. The elusive Romulan Bird-of-Prey will easily be able to get the drop on your opponent thanks to the amazing ability of the Romulan Commander.