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WizKids Releases Marvel Civil War Dice Masters Set

With all things Civil War going on lately, it seems only right that there should be the new Dice Masters set now available as well. The packs are available now at retailers near you (well, possibly near you, depending on where, exactly, you are).

As with all Dice Masters releases, the new set is available in a variety of different ways. If you're a new player looking to jump into the game (or you're an old player who's just a completionist), there's a 2-player starter set. It'll get you and a friend playing right away. There's also the individual packs that contain two dice and two cards. For something a bit fancier, there's the play mat. Finally, for the person that wants it all, there's the Collector's Box (which doesn't actually come with all the dice, but it does give you a place to store them).