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WizKids Releases Fantasy Realms Card Game

If you've got a kingdom, you want it to be a strong kingdom. However, there's several different ways to measure whether your kingdom is strong or not. Do you have a massive army? Do you take to the caverns below mountains to stay safe? Will you dwell in the deep forests? That's the sort of decisions you get to make in Fantasy Realms, a new card game available now from WizKids.

From the announcement:

The time has come! Fantasy Realms, designed by Bruce Glassco, is now available in North American game stores!

As a ruler of a far-away land, each player must create the best card combos by drawing and discarding cards to build the mightiest realm in the world. You might choose to build up a massive force with army cards to sweep all before you. Or perhaps your kingdom will thrive in the mountains using caverns for shelter or jungles for protection with land card combos. The choice is yours, for no two realms will ever be the same.

Quick to learn and quick to play, this game is designed for 3-6 players. Each player chooses to draw from the deck or discard pile to create the best hand possible. You can only have 7 cards so choose wisely as the game ends when there are 10 cards in the discard area. Aim for the highest score to win the game and become the ruler of the realm.