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WizKids Previews Weapon Zero for Star Trek Attack Wing

Due to the scale difference between how the X-Wing Miniatures Game and Star Trek Attack Wing are made, the X-Wing game has gotten several really big figures added to it. But, obviously, the Star Wars universe has ships much bigger than the fighters that are standard in the game, whereas Star Trek doesn't have things that are, to scale, that are that much bigger than, say, the Enterprise. But that's not to say that really huge ships don't exist in that universe. One such is the Weapon Zero, the first of the new Premium Figures that will be coming out for the game.

The Weapon Zero box comes with the ship (obviously), and a total of 14 upgrade/weapon/crew cards, 7 tokens of various types, and a maneuver dial (though "maneuver" is a bit of a misnomer for this thing. it sort of just hovers slowly around the board. Or not-so-slowly, if you decide to take one of the upgrades in particular). The ship can be used both as Weapon Zero or as a generic Xindi starship.

You can expect to see this new ship in stores early next year.