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WizKids Previews Wasp From Ant-Man Box Set for HeroClix

There's a lot of heroes in the Marvel universe. Very few, however, have as much tenure as Ant-Man. He's had quite a few incarnations in his time, and WizKids is coming out with a special box set of Ant-Man figures (Ant-Mans? Ant-Men?). In this preview, they look at a time just after the passing of Hank's ex-wife, Janet Van Dyne. In this preview, it's Wasp.

Like the other Ant-Man figures (again, Ant-Mans? Ant-Mens? Ants-Mans?), Wasp has the Morph trait, allowing you to swap Wasp out with other characters that also have the Morph ability. This gives the player incredible versatility, as each incarnation is able to do slightly different things. It's like having a whole toolbox of characters at your disposal. Particular to Wasp, he can create ant swarms when he's brought into play via the Morph ability. Ant swarms created this way can also fly and gain +3 speed as they go out spying for Wasp. Otherwise, you'll probably be keeping him at range, with his two targets and 3 damage, which is fairly consistent through his dial.