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WizKids Previews Venom and Anti-Venom For HeroClix

Though the pre-release events might not be happening, that doesn't mean that they're not showing off previews for the upcoming set. This time around we get two opposite ends of the symbiote spectrum. On one hand, you've got Venom, who's all about taking big bites out of whomever happens to get close. Then there's Anti-Venom, who wants to be the cure for symbiotes everywhere.

The two might be as different as night and day, personality-wise, but they do share a few abilities between them. At various points, they both have Stealth and Exploit Weakness. Also, since both are alien symbiotes, they can use plasticity and always break away when they move. And while Venom is happy to bite off chunks of enemies and heal from it, Anti-Venom will simply counter your opponent's powers.