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WizKids Previews USS Defiant (Repaint) for Star Trek Attack Wing

The Star Trek Attack Wing game has been around for a while now. Some of the original ships can be hard to come by. That's the case with the Defiant, that has always been a rather popular, little ship. Well, with Wave 28 coming out in January, anyone who's had a rough time finding it will get a new chance as a repainted version is coming in that set. We get a look at what you can expect with it in this preview.

For a little ship, the Defiant packs a punch, with 3 primary weapon damage. Also, don't let its size lure you into think that it's fragile. Since criticals are just turned into normal hits, you won't have to worry about extra damage or debilitating effects from face-up damage cards on your ship. Quantum Torpedoes will also be something your opponents will have to watch out for.

The new Defiant expansion will be hitting store shelves early next year.