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WizKids Previews Thor and Ragnarok for Avengers Assemble HeroClix Set

WizKids goes back to the "twofer" preview system for this update. Today's preview we take a look at two versions of the god of thunder (and rock and rooooll!) with previews of Ragnarok and Thor.
It's hammer time!

From the preview:

Welcome back for another exciting preview from the upcoming Marvel HeroClix: Avengers Assemble. Today, we first take a look at an ally of the mighty Thor protector Asgard and Midgard, meet Ragnarok.

Ragnarok is a clone of Thor created early on during the Civil War event when Reed Richard’s and Hank Pym used DNA from a strand of Thor’s hair that Tony Stark found at a meeting years before.

For a mere 200 points, Ragnarok brings the thunder to bear. His dial is 9 clicks deep and he is powerful enough on each of those clicks to make your opponent realize it is truly the end, Ragnarok. He has the Flight symbol, Indomitable, and an 8 range with 2 targets that will work really well with his 2 opening clicks with Energy Explosion. His trait, Abomination of Midgard, states Ragnarok modifies his attack and damage value by +1 when targeting a character with the Asgardian or Avengers keyword. His keywords are Asgardian, Dark Avengers, and Robot. It won’t be difficult to create a theme team with him.

Ragnarok’s dial is really strong and power wise is consistent all the way down. His top 2 clicks have identical powers, Running Shot, Energy Explosion, Impervious, and Shape Change. His damage value is 5 on both clicks, but with the Energy Explosion, you’ll do 2 splash damage to adjacent opponents and his 12 attack will make sure you hit. His Shape Change paired with Impervious can prevent an attack, or reduce an attacks damage to zero, or at a minimum, reduce it by 2. He is meant to be out on the field in the thick of battle, not mewling behind a support piece like an unworthy coward!

On his 3rd and 4th clicks he is ready to get in close and hit hard with his Charge and Super Strength. With an Ultra Heavy Object, Ragnarok could dish out 7 damage on these clicks! On clicks 4 through 6 he also has Close Combat Expert that will make sure he hits, and hits hard. His defense on all these has gone down to Invulnerability, but by now he will have weakened his foes and they won’t be able to hit him for much damage anyway but if they do, his Pulse Wave on clicks 5 and 6 will make sure they’ll keep their distance.

Ragnarok sees a return of Charge and Penetrating/Psychic Blast on click 7 and a “stop” click special defense power called The Thunder is Mine! It states Ragnarok can use Impervious. When this power is first revealed, stop turning the dial and all opposing characters adjacent to Ragnarok are knocked back a number of squares equal to the damage dealt to Ragnarok this action. This power and its knock back can’t be ignored. For his last two clicks, he possesses Sidestep, Penetrating/Psychic Blast, and Toughness. His attack and damage values at the end are high for his rally call, but his defense value is flagging. He has the will and ability to finish the battle, but a lucky shot can finish him here as well.

Now let’s take a closer look at Thor, son of Odin, initially sent to Midgard (Earth) to teach him humility because of the boastful pride he exhibited in Asgard. He became a founding member of the Avengers and adopted Midgard proclaiming to be its protector.

Thor has a dual point cost at 228 and 100 points. For both point values, Thor has the Flight and Indomitable symbols along with a range of 8 with 2 targets. His trait, It’s an Avengers World says Thor and adjacent friendly characters with a lower point value and the Avengers keyword can use Energy Explosion. If they are named Captain America or Iron Man, they don’t have to be adjacent or a lower point value. Add some Avengers of a lower point value with Penetrating/Psychic Blast or Precision Strike and vanquish thy foe!

At his 228 point value Thor has an additional 4 clicks of life. All very similar in powers and high in combat values. The top of his dial starts with Running Shot, Pulse Wave, Invincible, and Enhancement. A 10 movement, 12 attack, and 5 damage is going to assure victorious battles ahead. Thor’s next 3 clicks have the same powers except he trades Invincible for Impervious. His combat values stay high as well.

Thor’s 100 point dial starts as more of a close combat specialty with Charge, Invincible, and Empower on its opening click. Thor has Empower on the rest of his clicks except the last and his trait can require adjacency showing that Thor is meant to wield Mjolnir next to his allies in battle not from behind and not alone. His next 3 clicks transition to Flurry and Invulnerable and for his entire dial his damage never falls under a 3, so even then he could deal up to 6 damage with a close combat attack. On his last click Charge comes back, but he also gains a 19 defense with Regeneration that would allow him to heal up to the top click of his 100 point dial if you roll the dice just right, a true hero’s rally!

You could pair both Ragnarok and Thor (at 100 points) for an even 300 point Asgardian keyworded theme team. They could do well together with Ragnarok using Thor’s Empower. Both of them have great range and mobility but a team with Outwit could cause problems for them. Thor really will shine with Avengers keyworded characters because of his trait, and because of his Avengers keyword as well.

Unfortunately, this preview has come to an end! Don’t worry, we will be back next week for more mighty previews from Marvel HeroClix: Avengers Assemble!