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WizKids Previews The Skyscraper Wonder Woman for HeroClix

For the 15th anniversary set of HeroClix, WizKids is headed to the Elseworlds, a group of alternate-realities from the DC Universe we normally know. We all know that Wonder Woman is pretty big right now, what with her hit movie and all. But, in the comics, she was big, literally. Like, a walking building big. We get a look at what that'd look like on your tabletops in this preview.

From the preview:

Greetings, HeroClix Fans!

Today the world gasps as we preview The Skyscraper Wonder Woman for the upcoming DC Comics HeroClix: 15th Anniversary – Elseworlds set, available at your Friendly Local Game Store this Wednesday!

A robotic creation of Sinister Seer of Saturn, The Skyscraper Wonder Woman is a titanic version of our beloved heroine, built specifically to face her in a series of trials. This giantess has four available starting lines, giving us plenty of options to include her on a variety of build totals. She can be played at 350, 225, 100 or 15 points. No matter which point value you choose, she will have a range of 7 to attack with, Willpower via Indomitable as any giant automaton should, and the obvious Colossal damage symbol, granting the size abilities that go along with it.