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WizKids Previews The Penguin For HeroClix

One of the more iconic villains in the Batman universe is The Penguin. Oswald Cobblepot always wanted to be high society. He certainly always saw himself that way, no matter what situation he found himself in. And in lieu of any humans to hang around with, or even avian friends, he'd build his own, robotic penguins to pal around with. And it's of him and some of his penguin pals that we get a look at in this preview.


The Penguin is all about controlling his Robo-Penguin Bystanders. He can place one with a Power Action, move them using his special "This is How I Deal With the Bat" ability, and has 3 different choices when the bystander is placed. And if it's KO'ed, it just goes back on his base to deploy again. Sure, he's only got 4 clicks of his own health, but he's also only 40 points. So not exactly a big drain on your points pool.