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WizKids Previews The Joker and Harley Quinn For HeroClix

WizKids has announced another new expansion for HeroClix. This time they're headed back to the DC Comics side of things. The name of the set's Joker's Wild, and they're wasting no time by giving us a look at Harley Quinn and Mistah J., the Joker.

The two show off a new special ability that I'm sure will be prevalent within the set: This is How I Deal With the Bat. This is a special modifier to the Batman Enemy team ability. The Batman Enemy ability lets you change your attack with someone else. Both Harley and the Joker have special additions to that. Harley lets you add +1 to your roll, while the Joker lets you reroll your attack. No word yet on if you'll throw a rock at the Batman (it was a big rock).