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WizKids Previews The Flying Batman For HeroClix

HeroClix is celebrating its 15th anniversary. They had their What If...? set for Marvel. For DC, they're going with the Elseworlds. In this case, it's new version of Superman... umm... I mean Batman... I mean... well... both. It's The Flying Batman.

From the preview:

Welcome to another exciting preview from the upcoming DC Comics HeroClix: 15th Anniversary – Elseworlds set! Today, we’re looking at a piece inspired by the classic graphic novel Superman: Speeding Bullets, The Flying Batman!

In Superman: Speeding Bullets, rather than crashing in Smallville, Kael-El crashed in Gotham City where he was discovered by Thomas and Martha Wayne who raised him as their son. Following the same tragedy that befell the Batman we’re familiar with, Kal-El became The Flying Batman! With the ability to be played at either 140 points or 100 points, The Flying Batman is a powerhouse that can be a part of Batman Family, Gotham City, or Kryptonian themed teams, as well as take advantage of both the Batman Ally and Superman Ally team abilities. At full value, The Flying Batman has 7 clicks of life; at his 100-point value, he has 5 clicks of life. Both versions possess a range of 7 squares with 1 target, and both are Indomitable.