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WizKids Previews The Flash For HeroClix

The Wonder Woman set for HeroClix will be coming out soon. In it, they'll have more than just Wonder Woman. Though, with all the different versions characters go through in comics, I could see them coming out with a set of "just one character." Anyway, one (well, two of the figures, since he's got a couple versions) of the figures in the set is going to be The Flash. This is the Wally West version, for anyone curious.

From the preview:

Today we’re taking a closer look at one of the figures from the upcoming DC HeroClix: Wonder Woman Gravity Feed. Today’s subject is none other than the scarlet speedster himself, The Flash!

Portrayed here in his DC Rebirth costume, this version of Wally West is indicative of his time with the Titans. The 005 version of The Flash is a 60-point piece, has 4 clicks of life, and possesses the Titans team ability. He begins with a trait called Titans Together, which states that if another friendly character healed this turn with the Titans team ability, modify The Flash’s attack value by +1 this turn. He also possesses two special powers – the first of which is called The Speed Force Strengthens Me, appearing on all 4 clicks of his movement dial. This power states that The Flash can use Hypersonic Speed, and when he does, he can use Steal Energy and modify his speed value by +2 – letting him move up to 11 squares!

His second special power, Velocity Impact, appears on his first two clicks of damage. This power states that when The Flash uses Hypersonic Speed, his damage value increases by 1 this action for every 5 different squares he’s moved through this turn! He follows those special powers up with the standard powers Quake, Super Senses, Combat Reflexes, and Close Combat Expert.