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WizKids previews The Bug

WizKids shows off another vehicle with their next preview from the upcoming Batman set with The Bug.

From the preview:

Welcome back as we conclude our Blue & Gold week with the transport of choice for the Blue Beetle (as well as the largest vehicle in the DC HeroClix: Batman set, resting on a 3 x 6 base), The Bug!

As with all of the vehicles found in DC HeroClix: Batman, The Bug can be played as an Autopilot (at 99 points) or Piloted (at 139 points) addition to your force. Either way, it can be included on a couple of different theme teams as it has the Justice League, Justice League International and Vehicle keywords. The Bug is designated with a unique ring, and possesses the Flight and Giant combat abilities, so the Carry ability will always be an option. In addition to the normal two dials, The Bug has two other dials called Hazardous Environment Dial and The Beetle Dial