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WizKids Previews The Atom for HeroClix

The upcoming Superman/Wonder Woman set for HeroClix is gonna be huge! Actually, it'll be Colossal! That's because the set will contain several Colossal figures. However, these aren't just going to be relegated to high-point cost games. We get a look of how that's going to work with the preview of The Atom that WizKids has posted up.

Like many characters, The Atom can be played at several different point levels, each one corresponding to a different startling line. If you want to go "all out" and play The Atom as a big figure, go ahead and pay the full 300 points for him. However, there's starting lines for 200, 150, 100, and 15. No, that's not a typo. You can play The Atom for as little as 15 points. He only has one click of life and there's some stipulations about how you can actually go about attacking with him, but all of the Colossal figures will have the ability to be played at such a points cost. It's a rather interesting way to get some really big models out there on the board without having to spend the requisite big points cost for them.