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WizKids Previews Talon And Court of Owls Initiate For HeroClix

It would seem that the Joker's Wild set coming out for HeroClix has another group that will be partaking in the action. The Court of Owls aren't going to let the Joker or The Flash have all the fun running around the streets of Gotham. WizKids gives us a look at Talon, as well as two Initiates.

The Initiates are the cannon fodder of the faction, really. They're only 10 points. They only have 3 clicks of life. They've got Stealth and Exploit Weakness. They also take one less damage when it's transferred to them. Seems an initiate's life is pretty short. But who might be transferring damage to them? That would be someone like Talon. Being an Assassin of the Court lets him use Sidestep and Stealth. Plus, he can use Mastermind to transfer damage around, but only to others with the Court of Owls keyword. Of course, the Initiates have that keyword.