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WizKids Previews Superman Red And Blue for HeroClix

So, I've always been more of a Marvel-reader than DC. I got involved with X-Men and X-Factor pretty early on, and since then, though I no longer read comics, Marvel has always just been the one I've been more interested in. So when I see that there's a Superman Red and Superman Blue, my mind first goes to "You mean like Pokemon Red and Blue?" ... even though I've never played a single game (of any type) that's Pokemon. But there we are, then. Anyway, there's a Superman Red and a Superman Blue coming in the Superman/Wonder Woman set for HeroClix and WizKids wanted to show them off.

The fun thing about them is that they give you a lot of options for your list build, since you don't have to start with them in your list. Besides the various abilities they bring to the table, both Red and Blue can start off the board as part of your sideline. Then, after you see what your opponent is taking, you can swap one or both out for any character named Superman or Superboy (of equal or greater points) in your list. Instant-customization!