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WizKids previews Superman Quick Start Kit model dials

WizKids will soon be coming out with their DC HeroClix Superman Quick Start Kit and wanted to show off the dials of the two models that will be included.

From the preview:

Recently we announced the release a new type of product into the HeroClix landscape, the DC HeroClix: Superman Quick Start Kit, and we wanted to take a moment to introduce everyone to it, as well as explain what we hope to achieve with the Quick Start Kit.

The Superman Quick Start Kit, as its name implies, is an entry-level product designed to allow new players to ease into HeroClix with an easy-to-follow rules document; rather than confront a new player with the 28 page HeroClix Core Rulebook, the enclosed revised two-page Quick Start Rules sheet is a gentler means of introducing new players to the world of HeroClix.

Instead of concentrating on the more subtle nuances of HeroClix, the Quick Start Rules instead focuses on the core concepts of the game: the anatomy of the HeroClix Combat Dial, the basics of moving and attacking in HeroClix, and dealing damage to the other figure(s) in the game.