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WizKids previews Star Trek: Attack Wing 5th Wing Patrol Ship/Jem’Hadar Attack Ship

WizKids previews another new ship for the Star Trek: Attack Wing game with a look at the 5th Wing Patrol Ship/Jem'Hadar Attack Ship.


From the preview:

Welcome back, Star Trek: Attack Wing fans, to another peek into the ships of the Wave 1 expansion packs. This week we take a look at a starship of the genetically bred Jem’Hadar. The 5th Wing Patrol Ship Expansion Pack introduces one more Dominion ship to the game in the form of the Jem’Hadar Attack Ship. At 22 points, the 5th Wing Patrol Ship sports an extremely nimble movement dial and the ability to increase its damage output by gaining on additional attack die at the expense of losing a defensive die that turn. For 2 points less, a player can play the non-unique version with a more static attack and defensive capability.