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WizKids Previews Spirit of Vengeance Red Hulk For HeroClix

Ok, so, what would happen if you mixed the power of the Red Hulk, added in the symbiotic might of Venom, and threw in a dash of Biblical vengeance from Ghost Rider? Well, you'd get the Spirit of Vengeance Red Hulk. Yes, it happened (comics are weird) and it's coming to your tabletops for HeroClix as a convention exclusive figure.


From the preview:

Spirit of Vengeance Red Hulk has two point values to choose from, 250 and 200, so with either choice he will take up the majority of your team in the usual 300-point format. Before getting to the dial, we can see he has the Mystics team ability to vengefully bite back when he takes a hit, the Alien Symbiote trait granting him Plasticity and Shape Change, in addition to automatically breaking away from opposing characters. He has Improved Movement that ignores elevated and hindering terrain and character bases so walls and blocking terrain are the only thing that can get in his way when placing his two square long base. For keywords he has Circle of Four, Brute, Monster, and Mystical encapsulating the aspects of his three sources of power. He has no range value so you have to get close to hit; not a problem for this guy, and he also has Indomitable to ignore pushing damage so you get the most out of his hefty dial.