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WizKids previews Spider Man

WizKids starts off the previews of their upcoming Spider Man set with Spider Man. Actually, they're showing off 3 versions.

From the preview:

Today we begin our previews for the Marvel HeroClix: Amazing Spider-Man set with a visit to Peter Parker’s private workspace at Horizon Labs, where he’s hard at work developing special costumes for everyone’s favorite friendly neighborhood Spider-Man!

In this set, there are three versions of #001 Spider-Man, each possessing similar sculpts but different power sets and paint schemes. You’ll notice that Spider-Man #001a,#001b and #001c are NOT Prime figures; they don’t have green rings around their bases or green backgrounds on their character card and, if you’re so inclined, you can add more than one Spider-Man #001 to your force. All three Spider-Man figures are available in boosters in relative equal rarity.