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WizKids Previews Shredder For HeroClix

We've had Bebop. We've had Rocksteady. Now it's time to get a true villain out there. The original baddie that the Turtles were trained by Splinter to fight against is a walking cutlery isle. It's time to take a look at the Shredder.


This version of Shredder actually comes from the 1984 comic, and not the cartoon that the previous previews were from. As such, his abilities fit with that incarnation. For example, I don't remember him using too many thermite grenades in the cartoon. But here, when Shredder is KO'ed, he'll deal 3 penetrating damage to everyone within 3 squares. Ouch. Obviously, it's best to take him out at range. That goes doubly-true, since one of his defensive special abilities is that he gets +1 DEF for each enemy within 3 squares of him. Gonna be tough to hit that guy with a mob. Also, as the leader of the New York Foot Clan, he can use Leadership to remove tokens from 2 adjacent Foot Clan figures when he succeeds his Leadership roll.