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WizKids Previews Shredder Clone and Shredder Shark For HeroClix

... Comics really are weird.
So, clones are really no big thing anymore, really. We've had Dolly the sheep around for decades now. And comics make heavy use of them all the time. But then you've got Shredder Shark. It's a shark! It's an octopus! It's a Shredder! It's a shark and an octopus and a Shredder!
Because why the hell not?

From the preview:

Welcome back to your Clix fix as we review two exciting figures from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles HeroClix: Shredder’s Return set, available at friendly local game stores today! This third Gravity Feed set adds even more characters from the 32-years of TMNT history, based on both the comics and animated TV series. Today we have a pair of Shredders for you, Shredder Clone and the chase Shark Shredder!