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WizKids Previews Savanti Romero For HeroClix

The previews are coming hot and heavy for the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles releases from WizKids. Both Dice Masters and HeroClix are getting sets, and that means plenty of characters in various forms. The one for HeroClix today is a bit of a mouthful to say. Take a look at Savanti Alfonso Juanito Geriero Santiago Romero.


From the preview:

With a sculpt and dial design based on his appearances in the 1984 Mirage Comics run, Savanti Romero comes in at 100 points with the standard combat symbols on his dial and can shoot two targets up to 8 squares away. Two special powers highlight Savanti Romero’s dial, one in his speed slot and the other in his damage slot. His speed special power, Carry Me To Safety, Dino, lets him take a power action to place a Pterodactyl bystander adjacent to him. However, if there are no Pterodactyl bystanders on the map, Savanti Romero can place one as a free action instead.