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WizKids Previews Rocksteady For HeroClix

I wanna roooock... steaaaaaady.
Steady-rockin' all night long.
Ok, not really the same thing, but maybe I got a song stuck in 1-2 of your heads (if so, mission accomplished). The other day, we got a look at Bebop for the upcoming Heroes in a Half Shell set for HeroClix. And where Bebop goes, Rocksteady can't be far behind. Well, here he is.


Like Bebop, Rocksteady wasn't exactly that great at making Shredder's plans actually work. He is rather loyal to his boss and friend, though, being able to use Willpower while they're around, as well as letting them use Empower. His aim also isn't that great, but that's ok. Whenever he misses, you can place a Mutant Moron token on his card. Then, as a Free Action, you can remove 2 of those to remove all Action Tokens from another model that shares a Keyword. Pretty handy, that.