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WizKids Previews Renet Tilley for Ninja Turtles HeroClix

The Ninja Turtles have gone on a lot of adventures across a lot of different media. They started as a comic book, then there was the first cartoon, then video games, some movies, then more cartoons, and more comics, and just seemingly everything else in-between. They have a lot of allies and villains that I don't know about, since I mostly stuck to the original cartoon. One I didn't know about was Renet Tilley, but she's on preview now for the upcoming HeroClix set.


Renet is all about time and board control. She has the ability so friendly models of 40+ points near her can use Probability Control. However, after the action resolves, your opponent gets to move the model up to 4 spaces. But it's not just the enemy that can move figs around. When Renet hits an enemy, she can then move them up to 4 spaces as well. Just all sorts of fun stuff where the board as it is one minute might not be that way the next.