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WizKids Previews Rat King For HeroClix

Just because we got that one preview for the upcoming X-Men set doesn't mean that we're done seeing figures from the TMNT set for HeroClix. Oh no. There's still more to be had, the next one of which is the Rat King. I remember having the toy as a kid.


As you would expect, Rat King is best when there's lots of rats around. He has a couple different ways of getting giant rat bystander tokens out onto the board. If he's in or near hindering terrain, they'll just show up. But also, once per game he can suddenly create four out of thin air around an enemy. Giant rats, also as you'd expect, work best when together. If they're adjacent to one-another, they get a damage bonus. Get 3 or more together and they'll get an attack bonus as well.