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WizKids previews Nova for Avengers Assemble HeroClix Set

WizKids begins their Avengers Assemble HeroClix set previews with Nova. He's your "cop on the block," being part of the Nova Corps, and quite a piece to have in a Nova Corps-themed force, considering he gives out Empower to all Nova Corps friendlies you've got. You won't find this cop sitting in a donut shop.

From the preview:

Welcome to the first fantastic preview from the upcoming Marvel HeroClix: Avengers Assemble set! Today, we have one of the original members of the New Warriors, the interstellar officer of the Nova Corps, Ol’ Bucket Head himself, Nova!

Nova once again brings one of our more popular traits back to the forefront, Share Through the Worldmind. This trait allows for characters friendly to Nova with the Nova Corps keyword the use of Empower; however, this use of Empower can only affect other friendly characters with the Nova Corps keyword. With so many characters now possessing that keyword stretching back to the Marvel HeroClix Galactic Guardians set, you’ll be able to construct an incredibly synchronous Nova Corps squad to take advantage of the traits shared by members of the Corps! And don’t forget the Nova Helmet relic, which grants those holding the relic the Flight ability, Charge, and the Nova Corps keyword!

Coming in at 141 points over seven clicks, Nova is a flying powerhouse, sporting a range of seven squares with two targets. Nova begins his dial with an 11 movement and Hypersonic Speed, before moving through Running Shot, a return to Hypersonic Speed, before closing out with three clicks of Phasing/Teleport. Consistent attack values ranging from 11 to 9 are coupled with Energy Explosion at the top of his dial and Penetrating/ Psychic Blast in the middle of his dial, and towards the end.

Defensively, Nova is built to take a few hits, beginning with Invincible, before running down through Invulnerability, Toughness and, finally, a sneaky click of Regeneration that will take your opponent off guard if he’s not paying attention to the Human Rocket. On his damage, Nova opens with a baseline 4 for his first two clicks, before moving onto 3 damage until his last click, which has 2. Nova only has one power on his damage, a special ability called The Human Rocket. This power grants Nova the option to be given a free action, which in turn allows him the use of Improved Movement – Ignores and Destroys Blocking Terrain with a speed value locked at 5. That movement might not seem like much, but destroying walls and creating either escape points or access points for your forces can be a major game changer!

Aside from the aforementioned Nova Corps keyword, Nova can also be a part of themed teams featuring the Avengers, Cosmic, New Warriors, or Police keywords. Be sure to make room on your team for ATAs like Avengers Response Unit, Mighty Avengers, or Secret Avengers. He also brings the Avengers team ability to the table. We’re sure that with his selection of keywords and smorgasbord of powers, you’ll be able to fit Nova onto a great team!

That’s all for today, Clix fans! Until next time, empower your allies to victory!