WizKids Previews Mr. Freeze For HeroClix

Just today, it is kind of a cooler and blustery day here in Atlanta. Seems we might make a run at having some autumn after all. Either that, or Mr. Freeze is coming through town. At the very least, he's making a visit to your computer screens now, as WizKids has posted up a new preview of the Joker's Wild set for HeroClix, showing off Mr. Freeze.


Mr. Freeze has quite a lot going on. When he hits with a ranged attack, you can place an Ice Wall marker on a character he attacked. That marker makes it so that figure can't move or be placed and suffers -2 defense. It goes away at the end of that character's turn, or can be removed by using a Power action on an adjacent character. But locking down enemy pieces and making your opponent use up actions is always nice. When far down on his dial, he can also regenerate a number of clicks equal to 3 minus the number of adjacent enemies. So if he can get away for a turn or so, he could get some much-needed health back.

And no, you don't have to worry about any ice puns from me.