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WizKids Previews Mephisto For HeroClix

Today we've got another of those champion-inspired previews for HeroClix. This time we get a look at the devil, Mephisto, with stats created by Paris Gordon. Mephisto certainly has had quite a history with Spider-Man. Just ask Linkara what he thinks about all of it, too. I'm sure you'll love the response. Anyway, so, what sort of thing does Mephisto do in the game?


First, sorry that photo's not bigger. Usually WizKids supplies this super-huge version of the card and mini. This time around, not so much. But you can still make out the stat numbers and any special ability colors. You've got a bit of options on how you want to play him, too, coming in at a couple different point levels and starting click spots. And we know from the bit of text in the preview that he's able to deal out contracts (seems fitting), as well as a couple different special powers.