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WizKids Previews Marvel HeroClix: Sinister Six OP

As the new year grows ever-closer, it's time to start thinking about tourneys and events coming up in the next month or so. WizKids is always big on having special Organized Play kits for game shops and league organizers to use to reward those that make it out to the various events. Next up for them is a bit of wall-crawling, as they've got a Sinister Six Organized Play kit coming up, and today, we get a look at three villains in it.

Each of these figures share a like-type ability. They can all get up to two special sorts of tokens on their card. The tokens grant a passive bonus while there, but they can then be used for some sort of powerful ability. Dr. Octopus can spend them to flurry multiple times. Rhino can spend them for extra speed and damage. Mysterio can spend them to get Illusion tokens out onto the board (who he can then transfer damage to).

Check with your game shop or event organizer to see if they'll be getting one of these kits in and when they'll be holding their event.