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WizKids Previews Looker For HeroClix

The Joker's Wild set for HeroClix will be out soon. It's always nice to know what you're gonna be getting before you get it. As such, WizKids tends to give us lots of looks inside their sets. This is no different, with a look at not just one, but two versions of Looker.

The two versions are more different than just some paint. One is a very low damage piece that is mostly there to give your team access to Mind Control. Hey, if she can't put the hurt on, herself, she can get one of your opponent's pieces to do it for you. The other version is a bit more of a do-it-herself-er. This version takes a bit of doing to use, though. She starts halfway down her dial, but can use Steal Energy, which will allow her to potentially heal up past her starting click. She's got a whole rainbow of abilities as she goes through her various clicks, including a couple of Mind Control, showing that she's still somewhat like her older self.