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WizKids previews Lex Luthor and Mazahs for Trinity War

WizKids is showing off another pair of minis for the upcoming Trinity War DC HeroClix set. This time it's a pair of Lex Luthors, as they take a look at Lex Luthor and Mazahs.


From the post:

Today we have a quick preview from the soon to be released DC HeroClix: Justice League – Trinity War set, we have two characters to previews, both with the name Alexander Luthor but from different Earth’s. Lex Luthor from Earth One and Mazahs! from Earth 3. First up, Lex Luthor!

Mazahs! is Earth 3’s version of Shazam! who can take the powers of others he kills. His trait Your Death Brings Me Power states when Mazahs! KO’s an opposing character, choose a standard power that character possessed on any click. Mazahs! can use that power for the rest of the game. A lot of lower point characters have really desirable powers and typically they can be KO’d fairly easily by characters like Mazahs! Stealth, Energy Shield/Deflection, Super Senses, Shape Change, and others can be had, sort of like a magic buffet of powers. A potential strategy is to go after the smaller pieces that can hinder you.