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WizKids Previews Leonardo For HeroClix

We keep making our way through the previews for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles set that's coming out soon for HeroClix. This time around we get the boy in blue... Well... eventually he came blue. He started out in red like all the others. I'm talking about the turtle with the katanas. It's time for Leonardo.

Like all the others, we're getting a couple different versions of the leader of the turtles in this set. Above you can see the version based on the original comic book as well as the one from the 2012 animated series. The original one is much like the others from that series. Though there's some small differences, most of those seem to be more alike than different. The cartoon version, though, has some real differences from the other cartoon series turtles. Which do you prefer?

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