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WizKids Previews Krang For HeroClix

While Shredder might be the first major villain people think of when they think of the Ninja Turtles, Krang is usually just behind. I mean, Krang was a talking brain with pointy teeth running around in a giant robot suit (though many of us, I'm sure, remember his little chicken-legged walker, too). Well, now the ruler of Dimension X will be coming to your tabletop in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles HeroClix set.


A major feature of Krang's suit was that it could change in size and also that the hands could change into various weapons. Both of those are featured via various abilities, such as growing in size (at the cost of taking damage), and being able to replicate any basic attack ability. Krang also has an ability that lets him use Outwit that can't be countered if it's against a character on a higher click number than he is.