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WizKids previews Koranak for Star Trek Attack Wing

WizKids has a new preview up for their Wave 2 releases for Star Trek Attack Wing with a look at the Koranak.


From the preview:

Welcome back to the continuing sneak peak of the expansion packs for Wave 2 of Star Trek: Attack Wing. This week we will be looking into the upcoming heavy hitter for the Dominion: the Koranak. The named version of the Keldon Class starship comes in at 26 points with a special ability allowing you to spend a Scan token to target two different ships with its Primary Weapon at -2 attack dice each. With Gul Dukat as captain, this is not such a bad option since he can back up the effectiveness of the ship by allowing a player to perform an Evasive Maneuver or Battle Station action as a free action. Gul Evek is also a good choice as captain as he allows a player to re-roll all of their blank results one time when defending.