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WizKids previews Karai for HeroClix

Those of us that only know the Ninja Turtles through the cartoon from the 80s might think that the Shredder was the supreme leader of the Foot Clan (and that said clan was made up entirely of robots). Such was very much not the case for the comic series. There were many in charge of the Foot Clan, and not all of them agreed with what the Shredder was up to. One of them is Karai, who we get a preview of today.


Though that's not to say that the Foot Clan was entirely happy with the Turtles. But Karai hated more what the Shredder had done. As such, one of Karai's abilities gives her and an ally Leonardo figure +1 to their combat values when they're adjacent. She's also got a special attack ability halfway down her dial. First, it has you stop on that click, so that's a good way from taking multiple damage at once. It also allows her to, once per game, make a range combat attack and deal penetrating damage equal to her attack total minus the target's defense (minimum of 1). That's certainly a good chance to get some potentially big damage on your enemy, depending on how your roll goes.