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WizKids Previews Iron Man and War Machine Cards For Dice Masters

A new set for Dice Masters is coming out soon. A much more technologically-advanced set, it focuses on Tony Stark and the various suits he has created for himself and others. Iron Man & War Machine gives you several versions of Iron Man's armor that haven't been seen before in the game. Take a look at a few of the cards here.

From the preview:

Dice Masters Fans! The Marvel Dice Masters: Iron Man and War Machine Starter Set is coming soon, and we’ve got some exciting previews of what cards you’ll see! Today we’ll be showing off three cards with the brand new Suit Up keyword!

When Tony Stark wants to suit up with his armor, he doesn’t have to wait, and now neither do you! When you purchase a character die with the Suit Up keyword, you can immediately field it on its level two side if you KO another character die that matches its keyword.