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WizKids previews I.R.W. Praetus for Star Trek: Attack Wing

WizKids is showing off another new ship for Star Trek: Attack Wing with a look at the I.R.W. Praetus.


From the preview:

Hello again, Star Trek Attack Wing fans and welcome back to another sneak peek into the upcoming ships of the Wave 1 release. This week we shift our focus to the mid-22nd century and see what the I.R.W. Praetus Expansion Pack has in store for us. The first thing we notice is that this is the first deviation from the way in which ships are represented in an expansion pack. Usually we will see the unique ship have a higher shield value and a SP cost of two more points than its non-unique version. However, the I.R.W. Praetus has the exact same combat values and SP point cost as the regular Romulan Bird-Of-Prey as neither ship has any shields. What the I.R.W. Praetus does bring to the table over the non-unique version is the Cloak and Sensor Echo actions thanks to its special ability to cloak even without any active shields. This ability does come with a drawback as a player could inadvertently cause a point of damage to their hull on an unlucky roll.