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WizKids previews I.K.S. Koraga for Wave 2 of Star Trek Attack Wing

WizKids has another preview up of Wave 2 of their Star Trek Attack Wing game with a look at the I.K.S. Koraga.


From the preview:

It is that time again. In a few short weeks, WizKids will be releasing the newest wave of ships for Star Trek: Attack Wing and we start off the previews of Wave 2 with the expansion that Klingon players have been eagerly anticipating: the I.K.S. Koraga. The K’vort class Bird-of-Prey sports solid attack potential as well as an extremely durable hull to keep the ship in the fight for the whole game. The I.K.S. Koraga has the added benefit of rolling one additional defensive die each time it defends while cloaked. This defensive bump will be greatly appreciated by the two attack-minded captains: Worf and Kurn. Worf’s attacks have a greater chance to hit due to his ability to reroll all of your blank results while Kurn can be given an action to gain one additional attack die (at the added cost of an Auxiliary Power Token).