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WizKids Previews Hydro-Man For HeroClix

Water, water everywhere. Hydro-Man must be visiting. The man with the power to turn into and control water is next up in line to be previewed for the upcoming Superior Foes of Spider-Man set for HeroClix. So, you might want to get out your hip-waders... Or maybe your full scuba suit.


Hydro-Man comes with a lot of special abilities that are just "always on." He can place Submerged markers on enemies, causing them to no longer be able to break away for free, and making them have to break way just because. Plus, if they fail their break-away roll, they take an automatic point of damage. On the other side of things, Hydro-Man gets plenty of bonuses from being in and around water. He can create water areas around him, and he can heal and gets stronger when in natural water features.