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WizKids Previews Hulkpool For HeroClix

Just about everyone in the Marvel universe has had a Deadpool parody of them at some point, it seems. In this instance, it's the Hulk that gets the Deadpool makeover. I have to admit, not having read comics for almost 2 decades now, I don't quite know the circumstances that Wade ended up with gamma-infused powers, but there we are, then. Check out Hulkpool.

From the preview:

We have a special treat for you today as we showcase one of the chase figures you can find in the Marvel HeroClix: Deadpool and X-Force set that will hit your local stores in March with Pre-Release events beginning this week. Say hello to Hulkpool!

With a keyword, a trait, and a special power that hearken back to the chase rarity figures from the Marvel’s Incredible Hulk set, Hulkpool can help bring some Golden Age nostalgia to your Modern Age games. In addition to the return of the Hulked Out Heroes keyword Hulkpool also has Deadpool Corps, Brute, Past and Pirate keywords. Just as the other Hulked Out Heroes, he has a trait that gives you extra bonuses if he hits an opposing character with a devastatingly successful dice roll. Smash Well Developed Sense of Irony lets you choose to either heal Hulkpool 3 clicks or counter all powers on the hit target if you hit them with a close combat attack and the dice roll was at least 4 greater than their defense value. In typical gamma ray powered fashion, Hulkpool starts with high attack, defense, and damage numbers along with Indomitable, a long run of Super Strength, and steadily decreasing layers of damage reduction with Impervious, Invulnerability, and Toughness. Not bad for a 125 point silver-ringed Unique figure.