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WizKids Previews Hulkbuster MkII Armor

One of the things that WizKids is doing with their new Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. set for HeroClix is, beyond just the common, uncommon, rare, super-rare, chase, and alternate figures, is randomly inserting pieces of the Hulkbuster MkII armor into booster packs. It's like if you've ever gotten action figures that all have part of another figure inside of them, and if you collect them all you get a bonus figure. I've had some Lego sets that've done the same thing. Well, they're showing off what the figure looks like if you do manage to get all the pieces for it.


As should be expected, the figure is quite a beast out on the field. If you go for the 500-point option it starts out with Armor 20. Yeah, good luck hitting that one. It also has an attack of 12. So it's more-than-likely hitting you. Also, if it crits you with a punch, it'll send the enemy model flying off to the edge of the map, crashing through anything in the way (and of course, dealing damage to the model that's been sent flying).