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WizKids previews Hercules For Age of Ultron HeroClix

WizKids brings us a preview that's not a version of Hank Pym this time around. This hero doesn't need science in order to be one of Earth's mightiest heroes. He just uses his two fists and his joy of conflict to carry him through... and his lineage as the son of Zeus. This character comes with a gift... a gift of battle! This preview takes a look at Hercules for the Storyline Organized Play for HeroClix.

Hercules is a melee bruiser, pretty pure and simple. With ample use of Charge, Flurry, and Improved Movement, he can basically get where he needs to go as quick as he can in order to start punching enemies into submission. And just to make sure enemies don't get away, he has Plasticity. Hercules is great at grappling, also encompassed in his special ability that grants enemies -1 on their attack and damage if they have an actin point on them. That's just all sorts of good right there. And Hercules is ready to battle for just about anyone. He's got seven keywords that you can match him up with. He's just ready to get out there and start a-punchin'.