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WizKids Previews Griddex and Shellectro For HeroClix

While the very first Ninja Turtles comic was meant to be rather dark and gritty, subsequent comic books about the group tended to be a bit more brightly colored. But I guess that shouldn't be too surprising with Gallagher involved with things. Lord knows plenty of turtles got experimented on in those pages, and always with very different results. Such as we have with Griddex and Shellectro, two chase figures from the Heroes in a Half Shell set for HeroClix.

Griddex is a big, melee bruiser. He's able to grow and shrink at will, letting you get him where he needs to go, then growing and pounding the enemy into a pulp. Meanwhile, Shellectro is a master of electricity. These bursts of energy can cause the enemy to be forced back from his powerful blasts, or even shut down enemy ranged attacks for a turn.