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WizKids Previews Giant-Man For HeroClix

Pym particles are mostly known for shrinking you down in size. However, with the right application, they can also cause things to grow to gigantic size. As such, Ant-Man can also become Giant-Man. WizKids is going to have a limited-edition version of Giant-Man at their WizKids Winter Open and wanted to give you a look at his dial.


Now, you wouldn't normally expect a huge figure like that to be playable at point costs as small as 15, but you'd be wrong in this case. Giant-Man has 3 point levels he can start at, including 200, 125, and the aforementioned 15. Granted, if you do start him there, he can only attack other giant characters (except with one of his other special abilities). He's also only got 1 click of health at that point level. That's why you go with the higher levels, where he can have up to 19 clicks of health.